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About Moo 

Anna Moo is an award-winning songwriter of music for children.  She began writing songs for children after the birth of her own two kids.  Moo continues as a songwriter for Sync music as well as writing family music.   Anna Moo is in demand as a Keynote Speaker for early childhood educators.  Moo recognizes the importance of incorporating music into daily classroom routines.  Music, movement, and creative play make for a joyful learning experience!  Anna Moo's presentations and concerts are high energy, with audience participation and a nod to creative expression. 

Known for multicultural songs,  she has been honored by the United Nations Gazette for celebrating diversity and inclusiveness.   

"Music and food unify us  like nothing else, and music is food for our soul!" ~ Anna Moo 

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Good Moos!

I am Blessed to be Making Moosic for you!


Please contact me for any questions about Keynotes, Library, and or School presentations.  I have flat rate fees for most presentations.  Travel/Acc additional. 

I'd love to share my talents and gifts with you! 


330 SW 165TH STREET 


PH. (352)472-6223