Keynotes for Early Childhood Educators:

 Currently, I am offering two keynote presentations for educators.  Both are highly engaging for the participants, and provide solutions for common discipline and attention problems in the classroom.  

Teaching FUNdamental skills should be FUN!  These presentations offer tangible, active, humorous, heartfelt tools for positive outcomes in the classroom.  Participants will leave with creative ideas for connecting with children.

  Please call to reserve and book today.  352-472-6223  

Featured ECE Keynote Presenter for NAEYC, SECA; and in the states of Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Virginia, Washington DC, New York, New Jersey, Virginia, West Virginia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri, Iowa, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California.




Any time a child is ‘acting out, on some level a need is not being met. (Actually, this is 

true for adults as well!)  Often we spend a vast amount of energy correcting and 

attempting to discipline a child when if we simply made more connections we  

wouldn't have to spend so much time correcting, giving time-outs, and using         

disciplinary tactics.   

This presentation shows simple, fun techniques for getting children 

’onboard’  by effectively engaging with them.  (Also includes tips for getting parents onboard.)

When adults use music, stories, play, and creative movement with children,

they will see positive changes in attitudes, temperament, and social


Five specific examples of making connections will be shown. 

  Teachers will be active participants in role-play and songs.  

The goal is to connect with love and positive guidance so that 

mutual respect and trust become the foundation of the child/teacher


The Magic of Music

THE MAGIC OF MUSIC! We all learn best when we are having fun! Award-winning songwriter Anna Moo, will showcase many of her songs that help to set a positive mood for classroom learning and relationship building.  Do you want to teach about animals, plants, friends, math, the moon? There are of course hundreds of songs for these! Music is the muse for most of us. Learn how to set the tone of the classroom, help with transitions, and calm the calamity! The MAGIC OF MUSIC is a must for all teachers.