Anna Moo - Keynote Speaker

"Inspirational, dynamic, fun-filled!..."  these are just some of the words that describe a keynote presentation by Anna Moo.

Moo is known for her presentations on the importance of integrating music into the daily routines of the classroom; but there is a lot more than this to her presentations...

As an educator and former licensed massage therapist, she understands the pressures and stresses associated with the daily grind teachers feel on the job.  She offers keynotes on how to create more balance and less stress in the classroom.  Offering up proven exercises that teachers can incorporate into their daily routine is her specialty. With humor, music and role-play, teachers will find a renewed spirit to bring back into their classrooms!

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Anna Moo - Good Moos Productions

                     330 SW 165 Street -Newberry, FL 32669


Goals of Presentations:

My goal is to give educators fun and exciting new tools and music to take back to the classroom to share with their children and co-workers. Additionally I hope to encourage and inspire educators with a renewed sense of the importance of their work. Teachers will leave feeling recharged and ready to give the best of themselves to the children they serve!

Educational Background:

Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA : Political Science, Theater                              University of South Florida, Tampa, FL : Political Science, Theater                    

New School for Social Research NY,NY: Anatomy/Physiology

Florida School of Massage: Licensed 1986 - LMT

Instructor of Music & Drama Alachua County Schools:                                         Gainesville,Florida 1983-1993 (Schools include: University of Florida, Baby Gator- Childcare Research and Development Center, Millhopper Montessori, Westminster Day School, Westwood Middle School, Littlewood Elementary.

Awards and Recognitions:                                                                                                           

Five Parents Choice (Gold )Awards

        Three American Library Association Awards (ALA)

Five Grammy considerations 

        Five NAPPA GOLD Awards (National Association of Parenting Publications of America) – includes – Child Magazine, Parent, Family Fun, Parenting.  Endorsed by: TV Guide, Washington Post, United Nations Gazette, Sesame Street Parent, and Children’s Web Awards.

Keynote Presenter for Early Childhood Associations:

Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Louisiana, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas, United Kingdom (England), Virginia, West Virginia.


My passion is in sharing music and ideas that create a positive and loving teaching and learning environment.  Many people see problems on the job, while I like to see opportunities for creative solutions.    

Children are MY teachers. From them I have learned to stay curious, ask questions, inspect and dissect everything, get dirty, get in trouble - and yes enjoy every minute of it!  I hope to share the best of myself, so that others will be inspired to do the same.     - Anna Moo


         Early Childhood Presentation Proposals

             Anna Moo - Good Moos Productions

330 SW 165 Street Newberry,Florida 32669 352-4726223      

 New fun ways to utilize traditional songs as well as Anna Moo's songs will be showcased.  Ideas for incorporating music into the classroom for specific learning outcomes will be demonstrated.  Teachers will have a blast learning these dynamic new songs and so will their children!

THE MAGIC OF MUSIC!  * All presentations can be presented in English/Spanish

 Ideas include:

1)     Choosing music that you like helps to set the tone of your classroom, and direct the classroom environment.

2)     Current brain research shows music’s impact on the development of both the left and right brain. This means that learning outcomes are enhanced by both sides of the brain being stimulated simultaneously. This is why children who are exposed to music and continue to develop musical skills of singing, playing of instruments, etc, show higher academic achievements and advanced testing results.

3)     Music creates a fun atmosphere for creative learning and works as a springboard for teaching all academics. (Literacy, Math, Language)

4)     Music is a wonderful facilitator for understanding other cultures, languages and customs.  Music unifies children and creates an atmosphere of celebration and togetherness.

5)     Children who move, dance, sing and clap are routinely enhancing and developing motor skills, social skills, rhythm and timing.                             






      Early Childhood Presentation Proposal

         Anna Moo - Good Moos Productions

330 SW 165 Street -Newberry, Florida 32669 352-472-6223 

Stress Less and Feel Blessed!     1 ½ hr

Many educators complain about being stressed, exhausted and feeling empty…and they haven’t gotten out of bed yet!

We often forget what a blessing our job is as an Early Childhood Educator.  This presentation reminds us that we need to take care and honor ourselves first so that we can then better care for others.

Because of my background as a licensed massage therapist and counselor, I discuss techniques for STRESS REDUCTION both in and out of the classroom.  We will explore breathing exercises, use of music, art, chromotherapy (color/light use), laughter as medicine, and ways to have more fun, energy and enjoyment in our daily work. 

  Participants will be asked to share ideas that help get them through the work day.  Often as we share from others - we learn some great tips.

Additionally educators will be asked to write three personal goals that they want to achieve for the day, week, month and year.  Our personal and professional growth can be radically transformed by taking this simple action of writing our goals down.

Participants will leave feeling recharged, renewed and ready to go back to work!


        Early Childhood Presentation Proposal

                  ANNA MOO - Good Moos Productions

330 SW 165 Street - Newberry, Florida 32669 - 352-472-6223

 The NEW Three R’s of Early Childhood Education:  1 ½ hr.

Reading, WRiting & ARithmetic, are the necessary skills children must grasp in order to advance in school and life.  During the 1990’s and going forward the educational mantra was to have measurable achievement testing, accountability, and evaluations of effective academic advancements towards these skills.  But what is missing?

 Here is the challenge:  

Additionally teach the NEW Three R’s of Early Childhood Education.

 1)    RESPECT:  Respect for self, others, parents, teachers, elders, school, family, animals, planet, universe…

 2)    RELATIONSHIPS: How we treat those around us – mending our cultural differences, acceptance and tolerance of differing races, religious backgrounds and economic differences.

 3)   RESPONSIBILITY:  Being responsible for our actions.  Being responsible to and for our planet.

 We will discuss the importance of teaching the NEW Three R’s and why teaching ‘what matters ‘ should be at the top of the list as to what is relevant. Examples of teachable moments along with personal stories will be shared.

        Love, respect, trust, positive relationships and being responsible are all virtues that are missing from many of our children and families today.

     The change that is needed in our educational system today must start from the bottom up.  Early Childhood Educators have a challenge!

  Anna Moo – Good Moos Productions: