Pre K - First Grade: Themes of Friendship, Favorite Animals, Character Counts, are presented with fun music and active participation. Children will be moving, singing, dancing and fully engaged! 

Second & Third Grade:  Multicultural songs and celebration of diversity and friendship are themes for this program. Character Counts and respect for others are presented.  Children will delight in the colorful international costumes, Cajun dancing and sing-along songs. They may hear songs in Spanish, Greek, and Chinese...with ethnic instrumentation and dynamic delivery!

Fourth & Fifth Grade: Who wants to be the next American Idol?

Millions of people tune in to watch American Idol and The Voice, but there would not be an American Idol if they didn't have a song to sing!  That is where the Songwriter comes in.  Anna Moo will showcase many of her songs and give examples of how the ideas for these songs came about.

 What are lyrics? How do you find the beat, the rhythm the rhyme?

Will the lyrics fit stylistically as a Hip-Hop, Rock, Country or Blues tune?  How fast or slow should the song be sung?

 Children will be encouraged to ask questions and discuss everything from stage fright to life on the road.  If there is enough time, we may even get a chance to write a song together!  

 Teachers,you may have a future songwriter in your class!


 IN addition to these offerings, we have a program entitled  " AMERICA the BEAUTIFUL," Folk songs from coast to coast - appropriate for ALL ages.  If you have a particular theme or program that you would like to see us present - please call and discuss.  We believe in the power and the promise of music to help, heal, educate, inform and enlighten. Give us a call. 352-472-6223   Anna or Terry Moo